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Jennifer's Canine Chaos  

         Dog Training & Pet Sitting


Jennifer's Canine Chaos would like to get to know you & your dog...... at a Distance

March 25, 2020: I get it, it's different, it looks weird but I got you!! During these current times of social distancing, some of you are in the middle of your training programs, some of you would like to start training and some of you need to start training. Perhaps you just gave a new puppy or older dog a furever home, Jennifer's Canine Chaos has the help and results you need. We can continue working with you and your dog during this crisis. You will get results. You will get the support you need, LIVE and in real time. One on One training and classes will be held via virtual sessions. All you need is your phone, laptop or computer and a basic Facebook account or Zoom App. We've got you on this, we can continue training those puppers!!! Reach out to me. I'm ready for your call. 

because while everything else has stopped..... 

- Pulling on leash hasn't

- Chewing hasn't

- Jumping on guests hasn't

- Resource guarding hasn't

- Lack of Basic Manners hasn't

Jennifer's Canine Chaos is still here for you!


Boarding and Pet Sitting for people who have become ill, hospitalized and can't care for their pets.


- Positive Reinforcement Training

- Force Free Training

- Virtual, Real-Time Training for 1-on-1 & Group Classes

- Tele-Training

- Board and Train