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When my older dog passed away, we got a rescue dog and we needed help. We found Jennifer's information and arranged for her to come to the house for training with our new rescue, Tucker. It was amazing how he just jumped to whatever she said, things we couldn't even begin to get him to do. It was extremely helpful having her come and train us. We spent a lot of time implementing what we were taught and it has really paid off, we now have a well behaved dog. By the way, Jennifer was not the only one I placed calls with, but she IS the only one who called back. She gave excellent advice on the types of training tools and toys we should have that actually help our dog exercise his mind.

Jennifer is the best!!! We thought our 5 month old retriever was hopeless. Out of control running through the house, bowling the kids over and we never thought he'd be behaved enough to be allowed in the house to spend time with the family. It's only been 3 weeks but he is just getting better and better. I highly recommend Canine Chaos and Jennifer for training and exercising your dog!

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