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Dog Training


Puppies are ADORABLE! 

They are also A LOT of work and it can be easy to get overwhelmed.  Let me help you get your puppy on the path to success.  Experience how

quickly your puppy learns in an environment filled with guidance, structure and supervision.  Learn about proper socialization, crating techniques, and how to calm an over excited puppy.  We will address common puppy issues like chewing, jumping, and mouthing, as well as lay the foundations for awesome manners and behaviors!
  • Perfect Puppy Package - 8 Lessons including 3 Socialization Adventures!!!!  

Private Training

Private Lessons are designed for you and your dogs specific needs and then some.  First, give me a call to schedule a behavior consultation. This will give us the opportunity to discuss your pet's background, behavior and goals so I can better assist you.  Let's get your dog Focused, Relaxed and Educated!!   

Day Training
Have your dog trained while you are at work!!  I come to your home to work with your dog 2-3 times per week, 60-minute sessions.   A Transfer Lesson is scheduled every 2 weeks to update you on your dogs progress and learn how to participate with your dogs continued success. What could be easier?!?